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Titleist have always been masters of fairway wood design and they are used extensively by golfers of all abilities, with their classic shape appealing to both tour players and the average golfer. The new range of Titleist TSi fairway woods has retained all the aspects that made the TS range so successful and introduces new technology that will make the fairway wood shot easier to play than ever before.

The Titleist TSi 2 fairway wood is the more forgiving of the two models available and this larger profile is extremely confidence inspiring at address. With a deeper and lower CG placement than the TSi 3 fairway wood the TSi 2 is highly adept at getting the ball up in the air even when used from tight fairway lies. The alignment arrow found on previous models has been replaced with the TSi logo and it not only does it look great, but it makes aiming correctly a much easier process.

When hitting a fairway wood off the ground, it is all too easy to strike the ball a little lower on the face than was wanted. Tight fairway lies combined with shallow faces can sometimes make it difficult to achieve a perfectly centred contact and so Titleist have worked hard on increasing the performance on shots that are struck low on the face. The Active Recoil Channel (ARC 4.0) that sits behind the face has been redesigned and upgraded, and allows the face to flex upon striking the ball, massively improving results on low face strikes.

Titleist are offering four premium shafts as standard with the TSi fairway woods, enabling golfers to find a high-performance match regardless of their swing characteristics. For a small upcharge there are also three tour proven Graphite Design Tour Ad shafts available which could help take your fairway wood play to the next level.

If you are looking for a new fairway wood that looks both looks superb and offers a level of forgiveness unmatched by any other 3 wood on the market, then the Titleist TSi 2 fairway wood would be a great choice. Its adjustability and easy launch characteristics make this one of the very best fairway woods available today.


Redesigned active recoil channel gives massively improve performance on low face strikes
Low and deep CG placement produces towering shots even from tight lies
Ultra-thin crown and variable face thickness creates high launch and low spin
A choice of four premium shafts available as standard.

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