What is TopTracer?

We have TopTracer in all bays and free to use. Make sure you download the APP

You must have seen that yellow or blue line when Tiger hits the ball, that show the shape and distance of the ball. Well to out it simply that is Top Tracer. Toptracer shows the flight path of golf balls with valuable shot data, whether in real-time tracking of televised pro tournaments or at the bay of your local range. At Cardiff Golf Centre we have that technology available to you. We are the first and only place in wales that can offer you this practice with purpose.

When practising at a golf range it is important to take aim and not just hit balls in to a large field. Toptracer allows you to better assess your shots, how close you are to your target and the distance you have hit the ball. You can build a wealth of data that will allow you to know what clubs to use to make sure you hit those fairways and greens.

Longest Drive

“My longest drive is 300 yards”

“I can beat that “305”

Now with the longest drive game there is no more arguments. This game will tell you who can hit it the furthest and stay on the fairway

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Virtual Golf

This mode gives you the opportunity to play some of the world’s greatest golf courses right from the bay. Try St Andrews or Pebble beach. Individuals and groups can play a full 18 holes without ever have to leave the range.

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Nearest The Pin

Driving might get the ball closer to the hole, but its the short game that gets you the points. This game give people the opportunity to see who is the most accurate. You don't just take the distance in to consideration, you have to look at how far the hole is up or down hill. Think of the carry and the total distance.


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Whats in my bag?

There is so much technology now that can tell you exactly where you are in relation to the pin. However have you ever stood there looking at your range finder thinking “i know its 130 yeards out, but which club goes 130 yards” By using Whats in my Bag, you will be able to assess how far each club goes, how accurate you are with each and how consistent.


Whats in my bag provides a huge amount of data that is downloaded to your phone via the Toptracer Range app. You will be give the total distance, total carry, flight time, angles and much more.

Launch Monitor

This comprehensive training mode allows guests to hone their skills by offering data such as distance (carry and total), ball speed, launch angle, height, side deviation, landing angle, hang time and distance to target.

Points Game

This game lets friends compete for points based on distance from the target and is great for people that like a friendly challenge. Guests can even add In Air bonus rings for and extra challenge.


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